Where The Music Takes Us

By Dulahan

  1. Mrs. McQueen’s
    The Mad Madra
    Polca Dhún Masc
  2. Lucy Farr’s
    Maggie Pickens
  3. Planxty Irwin
  4. I Lost My Love
    The Morning Dew
    The Skylark
  5. Princess Royal
  6. The Happy Hen
    The Trip To The Shore
  7. Port Na Fáilte
    The Fair At The Lough
    The Pilgrims’ Path
  8. Hector The Hero
  9. The Mug Of Brown Ale
    The Monaghan
  10. The Old Bush
    Castle Kelly
    The Man Of The House
  11. Miss Faw’s Minuet
  12. Master Crowley’s
    Dinky Dorrian’s
  13. Bridget Cruise
  14. Itzikel
  15. Ná Dall Mo Dhoras Go Brách Arís
    Go Moch Ar Maidin
  16. The Wise Maid
    The Swallow’s Tail
    The Gravel Walks

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Dulahan - Where The Music Takes Us

They are:
- Joe Greene (tenor banjo/guitar)
- Adele Greene (fiddle/piano/harp)

Their website:

Available by contacting them directly (info.dulahan@gmail.com ), and, on a few sites online:

Their YouTube channel:

A few online reviews are here: