All Night Up All Day

By Ed Paloucek

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  1. George Peoples’
    Fiddle Heaven
    Boise Monsters
  2. John The Rookery
    The Rough Hill
    Music At The Gate
  3. Lord Gordon’s
  4. The Brightness Of 1704
    Beautiful Gortree
  5. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  6. The Humours Of Ballyconnel
    Atlantic Wave
  7. Kinnycally Klansmen Jig
    Walking Tall
  8. Myth Island
    Planxty Lady Elaine
    Miss Cunningham’s
  9. The Gooseberry Bush
    Sligo Maid
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
  10. The Dear Irish Boy
  11. Music In The Glen
    Sitting On The Throne
  12. Banish Misfortune
  13. A Pilgrim Journey
  14. Daly’s Mill
    Terry Teahan’s
  15. Sean McGlynn’s

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Re: All Night Up All Day

The Joe Cassidy’s (reel), Music at the Gate (fling), Kinnycally Klansmen (jig), Miss Cunningham’s (strathspey) and Sean McGlynn’s (waltz) recorded by Ed are not actually notated on as indicated (not yet, anyway) 🙂

Re: All Night Up All Day

Also, the very first tune up there is labeled “Joe Cassidy’s” on the album. Ed learned the tune from a private recording of Seamus Gibson (who wrote the tune) in which he identifies it as such. At some point the title morphed into “George Peoples’” which is how it is entered on The “Joe Cassidy’s” entered on is a great tune, however, it’s not the same one Seamus Gibson put on tape 30 or so years ago.

Re: All Night Up All Day

Fiddle and hurdy-gurdy player from Wisconsin.

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