Travel Story

By Tricolor

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Tricolor - Travel Story (2015)

Their website:

Fourth of seven albums by this Japanese band (see here for the other six albums: ). They play Irish tunes & songs, along with, some of their own compositions.

Available via iTunes, presumably through their website, and, various Japanese music stores (physical copies).

They are:
- Yuka Nakato (fiddle/concertina)
- Koji Nagao (guitar/tenor banjo/mandola)
- Daifumi Nakamura (accordion/bouzouki/guitar/vocals)

Joined by:
- Chiaki Umeda (harp)
- Akio Noguchi (uilleann pipes/whistle)
- Yosuke Watanabe (percussion)

Tune and song names pulled from (with Google translate):—The-story-about-journey-

Some information about the tunes & songs available here:

Some of the translations for the album title is instead "The Story About Journey", though, on their website, "Travel Story" can be found.

Re: Travel Story

After some more digging, there might have been a translation mistake from one of the websites used above (or elsewhere). I’ve since found that one of the musician’s names, "Daifumi Nakamura", may have been mis-properly translated, and instead might be "Hirofumi Nakamura".

He also plays piano, see here: