Two for Joy!

By Desi Wilkinson

  1. Sligo Fantasia
    The Fair-haired Boy
    The Killavil Fancy
  2. Katie Taylor’s
    Aggie Whyte’s Chattering Magpies
    The Concert
  3. Suite Plinn
  4. John Barbour
  5. The Bugle
    Clan Maguire
    The Heights Of Alma
  6. Mountain Streams Where The Moorcock Crows
    Planxty Wilkinson
    A Waltz For Geneviève
  7. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Jim Donoghue’s
    The Piper’s Broken Finger
  8. I’ve Just Come O’er From Erin’s Shore
    The Mermaid
    MacGregor Of Ruara
  9. False Lover John
  10. Suite Gavottes
  11. The Sligo Maid
    A Reel For Carsy
  12. Sliabh Gallen Brae
    Feunteun Ar Wazh Haleg

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Re: Two for Joy!

Many thanks for the notification, “slainte”. Best news I’ve had all year ! 🙂

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Re: Two for Joy!

Hi Kenny! I got my copy from Custys a few weeks ago. The postal service was seriously disrupted in spring and summer, but now you will have your copy with little delay.