Over The Sea To Skye

By Hanneke Cassel

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Hanneke Cassel With Yann Falquet: Over The Sea To Skye (2020)

Available on Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Hanneke Cassel (fiddle)
- Yann Falquet (guitar)

They were joined by fiddlers:
- Ronan Martin, Jenny Smith, Karen Steven, Adam Sutherland (Track 11)
- Alasdair Fraser (Track 12)

Tune credits:
- Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston (John Campbell)
- Jig of Slurs (Pipe Major George Stewart MacLennan)
- The Spey in Spate/The Kirrie Kebbuck/Iron Man/Miss Shepherd (James Scott Skinner)
- Marquis of Huntly Reel (Peter Milne)
- The Miller (Zeke Backus)
- Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife/Miss Drummond of Perth (Niel Gow)
- Brenda Stubbert’s Reel (Jerry Holland)
- Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland (Willie Hunter)
- Wake Up to Cape Breton (Brenda Stubbert)
- Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson)
- Jack Broke Da Prison Door (Jack Goudie)
- Dashing White Sergeant (Sir Henry Bishop)
- Millbrae (Ronnie Cooper)
- Barrowburn (Addie Harper)
- Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland (Niel Gow, Jr.)
- Sound of Sleat (Pipe Major Donald MacKinnon)
- The High Drive (Gordon Duncan)