St Kilda Son

By Cauldstane Slap

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Available on Bandcamp.

Cauldstane Slap play driving and spirited traditional music from Scotland, Ireland and beyond.

The Edinburgh-based quintet are a rare blend of four lead instruments — fiddle, concertina, uilleann pipes and flute — underpinned with bouzouki, creating a lively and complex wall of sound to please the ears and the feet, true to their deep roots in the session and ceilidh scene.

This album is dedicated to the memory of concertina player and band member Robert Chalmers, who was at the heart of many of the good things that Cauldstane Slap have done over the years. An album purchase includes a bonus PDF of sleeve notes with more about Robert, one of his poems and information on the music.

This a mixture of a live home recording, pub sessions and a concert performance that capture the unusual combination of four spirited lead instruments and driving accompaniment playing traditional music from Scotland and Ireland. It ends with a solo recording by Robert.

100% of profits from sales will be donated to Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust. A charity registered in England and Wales (1051681) and Scotland (SC039534).

A cause very dear to Robert, Amnesty International works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. You can find out more here:

Bandcamp have generously reduced their fees for sales of this album from 15% to 10%

Cauldstane Slap are an Edinburgh-based band playing traditional and original Irish and Scots music and song. Named after an ancient drovers’ road that runs through the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh, the band have emerged from the Edinburgh session scene and ceilidh bands to create a sound to please the ears and the feet. The regular band line-up features fiddle, concertina, flute, whistles, bouzouki and vocals. We also have many talented friends who come and play, sing and dance with us.
released November 15, 2020

Robert Chalmers: concertina, whistles, mandolin
Cathy Sharp: fiddle, viola
Duncan MacInnes: uilleann pipes, whistles
Kenny Curtis: bouzouki
Gordon Turnbull: flute, whistles
Unknown: a bodhrán player joined us in the Whiski Bar one night. We can’t remember who this was, but love the playing.

All arrangements by Cauldstane Slap. Baltic by Gordon Turnbull.

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Thanks for posting Dave. Hope these recordings cheer us all up, whilst we can’t be playing together.