The Fertile Rock

By Chris Droney

  1. Ann Droney’s
    The Kilcloon
  2. Three Little Drummers
    Jim Droney’s
  3. Coleman’s Cross
    Over The Moors To Maggie
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  4. The Stack Of Wheat
    The Killeigh
  5. Harry’s Loch
    The Hairpin Bend
    The Killeigh
    Slattery’s Grove
  6. Thady Casey’s Fancy
    The Bell Harbour
  7. Gleann Na MBeanna
  8. Touch Me If You Dare
    The Cul Fadda
  9. An Staicin Eorna
    The Kilrush
  10. Maura Connolly’s
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  11. The Noon Lasses
    Austin Tierney’s
  12. Cos Na Lachan
    An Seanduine Doite
  13. The Flowing Tide
    The Cuckoo
  14. The Happy Man
    The Fox On The Prowl
  15. Trip To The Cottage
    Sully’s Fancy
    The Stolen Purse
  16. Cruacha Glasa na hÉireann
  17. The Haunted House
    The Whistler At The Wake
    The Old Flail
  18. The Green Gates
    Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band

Ten comments

The TG4 tv program " Se Mo Laoch " had a episode on Chris Droney a couple of months ago, and if the music on the tv that night is anything to go by, this should be worth a listen, one i must buy come to think of it now.

I love Chris Droney’s relaxed, simple style of concertina player. I’m really pleased with this album.

"Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock"

CICD 110
Cló Iar-Chonnachta
Conamara, Éire

"Track 16: Jigs
Trip to the Cottage" / "Sully’s Fancy" / "The Stolen Purse"

"Sully’s Fancy" is the tune by Tony "Sully" Sullivan called
"The Butlers of Glen Avenue"

Chris Droney ~ a gentleman and a fine person, musician, dance musician and dancer…

Track 17.) jigs: Vincent Broderick’s Selection =

3 of Vincent Broderick’s compositions, Chris Droney’s take on them, sweet ~

"The Haunted House" / "The Whistler at the Wake" / "The Old Flail"

I see I’ve screwed up above ~ "Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock"

Not track 16 but ~

Track 15: Jigs
"Trip to the Cottage" / "Sully’s Fancy" / "The Stolen Purse"

However, it seems any necessary corrections have been made, except for track 16…

Track 5: Harry’s Loch / The Hairpin Bend / Slattery’s Grove

"The Killeigh Hornpipe" isn’t part of this set of jigs… 😏

Chris Droney

The Three Little Drummers recorded here and on the Flowing Tide record is actually the Holly Bush jig: On the Music of Clare record Chris and his father call it Kitty’s Rambles.