The Fertile Rock

By Chris Droney

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The TG4 tv program “ Se Mo Laoch ” had a episode on Chris Droney a couple of months ago, and if the music on the tv that night is anything to go by, this should be worth a listen, one i must buy come to think of it now.

I love Chris Droney’s relaxed, simple style of concertina player. I’m really pleased with this album.

“Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock”

CICD 110
Cló Iar-Chonnachta
Conamara, Éire

"Track 16: Jigs
Trip to the Cottage“ / ”Sully’s Fancy“ / ”The Stolen Purse"

“Sully’s Fancy” is the tune by Tony “Sully” Sullivan called
“The Butlers of Glen Avenue”

Chris Droney ~ a gentleman and a fine person, musician, dance musician and dancer…

Track 17.) jigs: Vincent Broderick’s Selection =

3 of Vincent Broderick’s compositions, Chris Droney’s take on them, sweet ~

“The Haunted House” / “The Whistler at the Wake” / “The Old Flail”

I see I’ve screwed up above ~ “Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock”

Not track 16 but ~

Track 15: Jigs
“Trip to the Cottage” / “Sully’s Fancy” / “The Stolen Purse”

However, it seems any necessary corrections have been made, except for track 16…

Track 5: Harry’s Loch / The Hairpin Bend / Slattery’s Grove

“The Killeigh Hornpipe” isn’t part of this set of jigs… 😏

Chris Droney

The Three Little Drummers recorded here and on the Flowing Tide record is actually the Holly Bush jig: On the Music of Clare record Chris and his father call it Kitty’s Rambles.

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