Concertina Music From West Clare

By Elizabeth Crotty

  1. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    The Reel With Beryl
  2. An Gabhairin Bui
  3. Kitty Gone A’ Milking
  4. The Battering Ram
  5. The Spike Island Lasses
  6. The Ewe
  7. The Ship In Full Sail
  8. An Droighnean Donn
  9. Geary’s
  10. The Harvest Home
    The Liverpool
  11. The Maid Of Mountcisco
  12. The Bird In The Bush
    The Silver Spear
  13. Rory O’Moore
  14. Rolling In The Ryegrass
  15. The Five Mile Chase
  16. Touch Me If You Dare
    The Morning Star
  17. Andy Hehir’s
  18. The Sligo Maid
    The Copperplate
  19. The Flogging
  20. The Galway Rambler
  21. The Mountain Top
  22. The Killimore
  23. The Longford Collector
  24. The Green Fields Of America
  25. The Bird In The Bush
    The Silver Spear
  26. The Stranger
  27. The Dublin
  28. The Green Groves Of Erin
  29. The Ship In Full Sail
  30. Bean A’Tinceara
  31. The Woman Of The House

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Duplicate Listings

You may have noticed duplicate listing; this is the listing as shown on the back of the CD, so I have repreduced it as shown on the recording.

Cheers 🙂

"Elizabeth Crotty (1885 - 1960): Concertina Music From West Clare"

More needs to be said, but for starters ~

"Elizabeth Crotty, better known als Mrs. Crotty (Gower, Cooraclare, 6 December 1885 - Kilrush, 27 December 1960) was a famous concertina player out of Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland."

Scoil Éigse Mrs Crotty - an important event in her name

Concertina Recital at Éigse Mrs. Crotty 2008

Concert’s Final Tune at Éigse Mrs. Crotty 2008

Sadly I couldn’t find a live link for the festival, hoping it is still carrying on?

Discussion: Eigse Mrs Crotty mystery ~ sad news

# Posted on April 10th 2009 by tradmarty

However, there was "The Kilrush Traditional Music & Set Dancing Festival" in 2011, August 10th to the 14th, and hopefully it will happen again for this year?