Trad With A Twist

By Des Cafferkey

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  1. Mick Fadian’s
  2. Whizzing Around The World
  3. Tune For Siun (Ballad)
  4. Paidi Sean’s
  5. Courting At The Crossroads
  6. Changing Churches
  7. Trad With A Twist (Calypso)
  8. Lament For Willie Burke

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Re: Trad With A Twist

Des is a great flute and whistle player from Dublin. These are all his own compositions, not particularly connected to the tradition, comparisons possible with Brian Finnegan’s work, or Cormac Breathnach with “Deiseal”. If you’re into “modern trad”, then you will like this, and even to someone like me, of a more traditional persuasion, there are a few tracks on it I really like. Whatever you think of the tunes, the playing is of the highest quality throughout, with several high-profile guests including Matt Molloy, Peter Browne, Laoise Kelly and Trevor Hutchinson.

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