Merrijig Creek

By Fintan Vallely

  1. An Grianán Feasa
    Merrijig Creek
    The Clonakilla
  2. The Shoemaker
    Music On The Wind
    The Banba
  3. Per I Morti Di Reggio Emilia
    The Reggio
  4. The Wounded Huzzar
    Captain O’Kane
    The Crosses Of Annagh
  5. The Dark Loanen
    The Miltown Collector
    Maisie Friel’s
  6. Ómós Tadhg MacSweeney
    Raithneach A Bhean Bheag
    The Musical Priest
  7. Syrian Sky
    Trip To Damascus
    Farewell To Lebanon
  8. Fool’s Errand
    Judith Guthrie’s
  9. Valentia Regatta
    Garvey In The Sea
    The Verona
  10. Five Women And A Fiddle
    The Rockforest
    The Wild Goose Chase

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Fintan Vallely - Merrijig Creek (2021)

Available on Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Fintan Vallely (flute)
- Caoimhín Vallely (piano)
- Sheena Valley (flute)
- Daithi Sproule (guitar)
- Brian Morrissey (bodhran)
- Liz Dohetty (fiddle)
- Gerry O’Connor (fiddle)

Tune composition information (from the liner notes):

Set #1 (The Three Sisters):
-An Grianán Feasa (Fintan Vallely)
- Merrijig Creek (Fintan Vallely)
- The Clonakilla Reel (Fintan Vallely)

Set #2 (From Ballinakill To Ballinascreen):
- The Shoemaker (Lucy Farr)
- Music On The Wind (Lucy Farr)
- The Banba (Fintan Vallely)

Set #3 (Emilia Romagna Redoubt):
- Per i Morti di Reggio Emilia (Fausto Amodei)
- The Reggio Jig (Fintan Vallely)

Set #4 (Roving Rhythm):
- The Wounded Huzzar (Trad., Arr. Fintan Vallely)
- Captain O’Kane (Turloch Carolan)
- The Crosses of Annagh (Trad., Arr. Fintan Vallely)

Set #5 (The Humours Of Blundell’s Grange):
- The Dark Loanen (Niall Vallely)
- The Miltown Collector (Fintan Vallely)
- Maisie Friel’s (Fintan Vallely)

Set #6 (Gregorium Uproarium):
- Ómós Tadhg MacSweeney (Fintan Vallely)
- Raithneach a Bhean Bheag (Trad., Arr. Fintan Vallely)
- The Musical Priest (Trad., Arr. Fintan Vallely)

Set #7 (Homage To Brian Keenan):
- Syrian Sky (Fintan Vallely)
- Trip To Damascus (Fintan Vallely)
- Farewell To Lebanon (Fintan Vallely)

Set #8 (The Maid Of Annaghmakerrig):
- Fool’s Errand (Fintan Vallely)
- Judith Guthrie’s Jig (Fintan Vallely)

Set #9 (The Rambles Of Grappa):
- Valentia Regatta (Seán Ó Riada & John Kelly)
- Garvey In The Sea (Fintan Vallely)
- The Verona Reel (Fintan Vallely)

Set #10 (The Ballyconnell Colours):
- Five Women And A Fiddle (Fintan Vallely)
- The Rockforest Reel (Fintan Vallely)
- The Wild Goose Chase (Fintan Vallely)

Tune information (history/stories) available on each set of the Bandcamp page.

Re: Merrijig Creek

Nice album. It’s a shame he’s doubling the price for P&P. I would’ve loved to have a physical copy but I’m definitely not paying twice the cost of the CD for it.

Re: Merrijig Creek

I doubt very much that Fintan set the postage charg himself, which is bull**it, it looks like an algorithm has just charged the same cost as the CD. I ordered a CD from Custy’s in Ennis 2 days ago. They charged 3 euros for P&P to the UK. I hope Fintan doesn’t lose too many sales because of this, but I wouldn’t pay it either.

Re: Merrijig Creek

Re postage same as cd, computerisation is responsible for some weird price hikes, have seen some examples on Amazon last year, quoted price much increased when you start making payment. They’re machines not humans (though I haven’t seen prices DECREASE due to a digital glitch…

Re: Merrijig Creek

I got it in digital. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. There’s a PDF included with all the sleeve notes.
That doesn’t happen very often.