Much Blindin’ Down the Marsh

By Jim MacArdle

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  1. The Two And Sixpenny Girl
    Cailleach An Tuirne
  2. Love Is Teasing
  3. Är Du Galen Gutt?
  4. Georgie
  5. Much Blindin’ Down The Marsh
  6. Paddy Fahey’s
    The Jockey’s Breakfast
  7. The Poor Ditching Boy
  8. Mrs Merry’s Ball
  9. The Queen Of Whatever
    Tommy’s Boys
  10. Gammel Boon
  11. My Father’s A Hedger And Ditcher
  12. Johnny Sands
  13. The Quail Is A Pretty Bird
  14. Ally With The Long Nose

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Re: Much Blindin’ Down the Marsh

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Extract from album notes:

"The Music and Songs on this CD consists of material which I have collected, learnt, written or osmosicised from frequenting bars, houses (of ill and fair repute) in the Drogheda area and further afield right down to Mullacrew and Louth Village.

Some of my influences have come from recordings and tapes, in particular I was drawn to regional traditional music – a good instance being Muckram Wakes’ album ‘A Map of Derbyshire’ where regional versions of (mundane)songs and tunes presented a unique perspective on well-worn material and regional or local songs such as ‘The Cow in the Gate’ were given the prominence they deserved.

My experience in playing music has been greatly enhanced by former musical buddies like Mary Ann Carolan, Tommy MacArdle, Brian Leahy, Joe Ryan and many others, and it is sustained and renewed by Eilis, Wally and Donal on a regular basis. The centre of my musical world for the last 50 odd years has been in Carberry’s Pub on the North Strand and its still the same today as it was in the 1960s - a good thing."
released June 21, 2018


Jim MacArdle - vocals, guitar, concertina, harmonica, dulcimer, autoharp
Donal Black - vocals, banjos, guitars, drums, mandolin
Eilis Quinn - vocals, accordeon, Wally Murphy - vocals, banjo

Recorded & Mastered by Donal Black at Amergin Studios.
Produced by Donal Black & Jim MacArdle.
All titles traditional arranged by J.McArdle except The Jockey’s Breakfast and The Queen of Whatever composed by J.MacArdle, The Poor Ditching Boy composed by Richard Thompson and Malthouse composed by Roger Watson.

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