Man Alone With Himself

By Mike Vass

  1. In The Stream
  2. Shadow In The Flame
  3. Solitary People
  4. The Day’s Length

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Re: Man Alone With Himself


Not since ‘Decemberwell’ in 2011 have I recorded something ‘solo’ - just me layering up different sounds. This was a real challenge, but one I’m glad I set myself during lockdown. I learned a lot and am proud to have 4 new tracks to share with you.

Nothing is ever truly ‘solo’. No man is an island. This little record wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement of my friends and family, the many skilled instrument makers (esp. Rory Dowling, Taran Guitars), the designer of the microphone valve, the computer chip makers, software engineers and digital signal process experts, and most of all Peter Beckmann who mastered my mixes, and takes real care in everything he does and has made a huge contribution to the finished ‘polish’ and ‘heft’ of the sound.

I hope you like the music. There are 4 distinct tracks here but I think they hang together and take you on a wee journey.
paru le 5 juin 2020

Recorded and mixed by Mike Vass at home, May 2020

Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technologyworks

Artwork by Anna Colliton

Mike Vass plays

Fiddle no. 1 in standard + Bb tunings (Daniel Moinel a Paris 1939)

Fiddle no. 2 in Bb + an odd tuning on track one that shouldn’t really have worked but I ran with it (F#, Eb, Bb, F)

Mike Vass signature model tenor guitar (Rory Dowling, Taran Guitars 2019)

Sobell Tenor Guitar (Stefan Sobell, 2001)

Blueridge Tenor Guitar BR-60T

Warren Ellis signature model Electric Tenor (Eastwood guitars)

A style Mandolin (Newson, 1983)

Ibanez long scale artist series tenor banjo (1970s)

Dulcitone (Made in Glasgow, 1910s)

Hammond Melodica

Toy Piano

Handpan (hang drum like instrument)

Korg monotron

Low Eb whistle (thanks for the accidental loan Mairearad Green)

Various bits of home made hand percussion from around the house

Arturia pigments (synth bass sounds) - I bought an electric bass for this recording but it’s harder than it looks.