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Bakers Well

Sean Potts - Tin Whistle
Sean Og Potts - Uilleann Pipes
Kevin Glackin - Fiddle
John Kelly Jnr - Fiddle
John McEvoy - Fiddle
Mick Hand - Flute
Noirin O’Donoghue - Harp

Claddagh Records - 4CCF 20 - 1988

My mistake!

I’ve just checked the Tape again & on the front it is written as two words, Bakers Well, but on the spine as one!

Well spotted smw!

Sorry Aidan & Jeremy!

Great recording anyway

Deserves to be listed twice!

Bakerswell Slides Names?

You and me both, I’d like them too. I’ve played these slides with many a folk over the years with nary a name to be seen.

Musicians are….

Sean Potts - whistle
Sean og Potts - uilleann pipes
Mick Hand - flute
John Kelly, John McEvoy, Kevin Glackin - fiddles
Noirin O’Donoghue - harp

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Good news…

I bought this recording as an LP record when it first came out, but it has been available also as a CD, and can now be purchased through "iTunes". Recommended.

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Re: Bakerswell

This is listed above as a 1972 recording. However, the (vinyl) album notes indicate 1988. (The CD version liner notes don’t offer a date at all—although there are references to tours in the mid-1980s, again suggesting a date later than 1972.)

Either way, a very nice recording.

Re: Bakerswell

Cassette tape insert is dated 1988. Certainly not 1972. They had a partial reunion at the Willie Clancy week when they paid tribute to Mick Hand in 2016.

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