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Bakers Well

Sean Potts - Tin Whistle
Sean Og Potts - Uilleann Pipes
Kevin Glackin - Fiddle
John Kelly Jnr - Fiddle
John McEvoy - Fiddle
Mick Hand - Flute
Noirin O’Donoghue - Harp

Claddagh Records - 4CCF 20 - 1988

My mistake!

I’ve just checked the Tape again & on the front it is written as two words, Bakers Well, but on the spine as one!

Well spotted smw!

Sorry Aidan & Jeremy!

Great recording anyway

Deserves to be listed twice!

Bakerswell Slides Names?

You and me both, I’d like them too. I’ve played these slides with many a folk over the years with nary a name to be seen.

Musicians are….

Sean Potts - whistle
Sean og Potts - uilleann pipes
Mick Hand - flute
John Kelly, John McEvoy, Kevin Glackin - fiddles
Noirin O’Donoghue - harp

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Good news…

I bought this recording as an LP record when it first came out, but it has been available also as a CD, and can now be purchased through “iTunes”. Recommended.

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Re: Bakerswell

This is listed above as a 1972 recording. However, the (vinyl) album notes indicate 1988. (The CD version liner notes don’t offer a date at all—although there are references to tours in the mid-1980s, again suggesting a date later than 1972.)

Either way, a very nice recording.

Re: Bakerswell

Cassette tape insert is dated 1988. Certainly not 1972. They had a partial reunion at the Willie Clancy week when they paid tribute to Mick Hand in 2016.

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Re: Bakerswell

If this is the same band, they did a tour of the northeast USA in the fall of 1985. It was the first live Irish gig I ever saw/heard, the night I discovered *you could do that*, that you could hear real people play real trad music, (and maybe learn yourself !) and it wasn’t all just dusty old wax cylinders stashed in places like The Smithsonian. This was at The Parting Glass in Saratoga NY, and the owner’s nephew made me a bootleg copy-of-a-copy cassette of the live recording that I played incessantly until the tape deck in my Honda Civic ate it. It was a very sad day. Randy Miller says he hired them on that same tour to play in Nelson, NH, through the venerable Monadnock Folklore Society . I can still hear their commentary before a set that was all “hunt” tunes, including The Boyne Hunt. My very-fuzzy memory says they were a put-together band, touring to raise money for a trad school back home.

Re: Bakerswell

Na Piobaire Uilleann posted biographical information on Sean Potts (the father). He did put together the group which recorded the Bakerswell record in 1987. This was around the time they toured to raise money for NPU. To me, there is a Chieftains “feel” to the album with its ensemble playing style. This is not too surprising since Sean was an early member of the Chieftain. All excellent musicians.