Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings

By Shantalla

  1. John Riley
  2. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Paddy Taylor’s
    Tommy Peoples’
  3. The Fisherman’s Wife
  4. The Road To Wezembeek
    The Policeman’s Holiday
    Shanro Lodge
    The Mooncoin
  5. Glenogie
  6. O’Carolan’s Dream
  7. The Dreadful End Of Marianna For Sorcery
  8. Spered Hollvedel
    The Dodgy Knee
    Walking On A Tightrope
  9. Erin Go Bragh
  10. The Little Fair Canavans
    The Brown Bull Of Kilnamona
    Parsnip’s Present
  11. John Anderson
  12. The Journey By Train
    Richard Dwyer’s
    The Ivy Leaf
    Vincent Blin’s No. 1

Three comments

Based in Belgium (I think), Shantalla are one of mainland Europe’s most popular trad bands. Their combination of Scottish and Irish tunes and songs (with the odd nod to other European musical traditions) reflects the group’s make-up. At the time of this recording, the band were Helen Flaherty (vocals, East Kilbride), Joe Hennon (guitar, backing vocals, Dublin), Kieran Fahy (fiddle, viola, Tuam), Michael Horgan (pipes, whistles, flute, Newcastle (Co Down)) and Gerry Murray (accordion, bouzouki, mandolin, backing vocals, whistles, percussion, Scotstown, Co Monaghan).

Re: Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings: last tune

The tune named Walking On A Tightrope is in fact the Curlews (well know from Altan album, a horst with a heart) it is a tune wrote by Josephine Keegan

Re: Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings: Spered Hollvedel

Spered Hollvedel or “Universal Spirit” is an arrangement of a traditional Breton song by Alan Stivell on the live album recorded in Dublin. The music comes from a tune accompanying hymns, including one for Sainte Marie de Rostrenen (Itron Varia Rostren) and for Sainte Anne by Jeff Le Penven (Kantig Santez Anna).
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