Fiddle: Irish Traditional Music

By Josephine Keegan

  1. Love At The Endings
    The Whistler Of Roslea
  2. Only For Barney
  3. The Revolution
  4. Fahy’s
  5. Ar Sliabh Breagh
  6. The Rocking Chair
  7. Delight In Disorder
  8. The Gates Of Mullagh
  9. Tone Rowe’s
  10. The Black Fiddle
  11. A Gradh Is A Run Bhil
  12. Paddy Fahy’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
  13. The Munster
    The Briar Pipe
  14. Kelly’s Cellars

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Re: Fiddle: Irish Traditional Music

Outlet SOLP 1033 - 1977 - and one of the several (5 or 6?) fiddle recordings Josephine Keegan made, most, as with this one, doubling by also playing the piano accompaniment. I used to own this LP but can’t find it. That’s not new. We have had items ‘borrowed’ and never returned, including some of my field recordings it seems, or, before my wife put a halt to that, I may have given it away? This was one I used to enjoy. There were sets, only two of which I know, A1 & B6 (13)… I’ve no doubt some of you will own this recording and I’m hoping will be able and willing to fill in the blanks. I’ve searched, including this house, and so far had no luck… 🙁 I prefer Josephine’s fiddling to her piano accompaniment…