Heading Out

By Inver

  1. The Snag
  2. The Bunny’s Hat
    The Lost Key
  3. The Simple Things
  4. Mouse In The Cupboard
    The Cat’s Meow
    Dick Sherlock’s
  5. A Turn Of Events
  6. The P&O
    Dans Plinn
  7. Crack On
  8. One For The Road
    The Green
    Wissahickon Drive
  9. Vals Til Mor Og Far
  10. Yakity
    Finn Harper’s
    The White Swan In The Window

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Inver - Heading Out (2019)

Available on Bandcamp:

Their website:

They are:
- Rune Barslund (whistle/accordion)
- Kevin Lees (fiddle)
- Matthew Jones (guitar)

Tune composer information available on Bandcamp, and, folkshop (https://folkshop.dk/shop/31-go/606-inver—-heading-out/ ):
- The Snag (Rune Barslund & Rasmus Nielsen)
- The Bunny’s Hat (David Lim)
- The Lost Key (Rune Barslund)
- The Simple Things (Kevin Lees)
- The Cat’s Meow (Joanie Madden)
- A Turn Of Events (Kevin Lees)
- The P&O Polka (Christy Leahy)
- Crack On (Matthew Jones)
- One For The Road (Rune Barslund)
- The Green Reel (Rune Barslund)
- Wissahickon Drive (Liz Carroll)
- Vals Til Mor Og Far (Rune Barslund)
- Yakity Jig (Kevin Lees)
- Finn Harper’s (Rune Barslund)
- The White Swan In The Window (Kevin Lees)