The Leipzig Sessions

By Murray and Falkenau

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  1. Wake Up The Neighbours
  2. Polly Put The Kettle On
    Reel Le Blanc
    Ashe Road
  3. Riposte
  4. Song For Little Man
  5. The Leipzig #1
    The Leipzig #2
  6. Monroe’s Farewell To Dark Hollow
    28th Of January
  7. In The Sun
  8. Western Plains
  9. House On The Hill
    The Leading Role
  10. Ivan’s (Waltz)

One comment

Murray and Falkenau - The Leipzig Sessions (2011)

Their website:

They are:
- Anna Falkenau (fiddle/lead guitar/backing vocals)
- Ivan Joseph Murray (guitar/vocals)

Some song/tune composition information:
- Wake Up The Neighbours/Song For Little Man/Riposte/Western Plains (Ivan Murray)
- The Leipzig Jigs/Ivan’s Waltz (Anna Falkenau)