Revenge Is Sweet

By Molly’s Revenge

  1. Gaelic Air
    Rocking The Baby
    Jolly Tinker
    Kelsey’s Wee
  2. Finnish
  3. Will You Come Home With Me?
    The Cook In The Kitchen
    The Snow On The Hills
  4. South Australia
    The Wise Maid
  5. Diane’s
    Adrianna’s Munera
  6. The Liffey Banks
    The Floggin’
  7. Hardiman The Fiddler
    The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  8. Devil In The Kitchen
    Heat From The Furnace
    Maggie’s Pancakes
    I Was A Tailor I Now Have A Knitter
  9. Ah Surely
    The Plough And The Stars
    Mick Dwyer’s
  10. Hut On Staffin Island
    George Rowley’s Blackbird
  11. Message To Julia
    Coast Of Austria
  12. Crooked Jack
    Star Of The County Down
  13. Gan Ainm
    Crested Hens
  14. George White’s Favourite
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora

One comment

One of the things that this website proves is that Irish and Scottish traditional music is universally popular. Molly’s Revenge are based in California and are just one example of "non-natives" taking on the music and giving it shtick! A great band altogether. When this album was recorded MR were David Brewer (highland pipes, electric pipes, whistles, bones, bodhran), George Grasso (banjo, flute, whistles, bodhran, bouzouki), Mark Boronkay (guitar, mandolin, cittern) and Pete Haworth (guitars, bouzouki, vocals). Theo Paige guested on fiddle.