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Re: In Between Exile

I cannot make the correction myself,

The name of the band : In Between
The name of the album : Exile

01 - Sunday’s Well
02 - The Drowning At The Bruckless/The Beheaded Doll
03 - The County Down
04 - Leap The Faith/Bunch Of Keys
05 - The Fairest Rose
06 - Chase Me, Charlie/Leslie’s March
07 - First Day Of Spring/Moving Cloud/Trim The Velvet
08 - Kalon Dour
09 - Dancing Eyes/The Missing Plate
10 - Bunch Or Green Rushes/Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire
11 - Silverstrig
12 - The Wishing Well/Kit O’Mahony’s
13 - Joe Cooley’s/The Happy Hornpipe/The Wily Old Bachelor
14 - The Commodore/The Foxhunter/The Bird On The Monk’s Head

Re: Exile

I’ve amended this, but only as far as the first nine tracks. The remaining five are as Anthony listed above.

It would be a very good amendment to this site if it were possible to extend the number of tracks on an album’s listing when someone makes an error.

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