2 Worlds United

By Pierre Schryer & Dermot Byrne

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Apparently it was Steve Cooney’s idea that Altan’s Byrne should get together with Ontario fiddler Schryer…! Cooney joins in, as do Nathan Curry, Brian Pickell, Julie Schryer, Ciaran Curran, Frank Kilkelly, Merrie Kalzek and James Stephens. The whole ching-bang have the very best of sport!

The title of this album - at least in Canada, (cheezy, I know) is “Two Worlds United”

Pointe Au Pic

Track #9 is a medley of 2 tunes - Galope Et Chaine De Cotillon followed by Pointe Au Pic.

Re: Pierre Schryer, Dermot Byrne And Friends

Ken was quite right (at least on the 2 Worlds United version of the album), so I fixed it.