It’s Handed Down

By Maura O’Connor

Added by Jeremy .

  1. Paddy Cronin’s
    The Hermit From Killarney
    Connie Flemming’s
  2. Rakes Of Kildare
    The Frost Is All Gone
  3. Gleantan Frolicks No.1
    Gleantan Frolicks No.2
    The Knockaclarig
  4. The Honeymooners
    The Road To Glountane
  5. The Crosses Of Annagh
    Take Your Choice
    The Girls Of Farranfore
  6. The Blackbanks
    The Ceanngulla
  7. The Dirty Trettles
    Dawley’s Delight
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker’s Wife