The Boys From The Blue Hill

By Vinnie Kilduff

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Lovely recording from 1990. Tracks 2 & 8 written by Steve Cooney, both jigs on track 3 written by Charlie Lennon.All others traditional.Mulligan Music LUN CD 050.
Guest artists include Charlie Lennon, Steve Cooney, Brendan O’Regan, Gerry O’Connor, Brid Kelly, Tommy Hayes, Seamus Begley, Kevin Hough, Cora & Breda Smyth.

Sorry…Tune 2 on track 5 by P O’Brien.


“All others traditional” – I don’t think so.
Track 1 – “Cape Breton Fiddler’s etc…” composed by Willie Hunter.
followed by “Sweeney’s Buttermilk” – composed by Brendan McGlinchey.
Track 5 - “Paddy Kelly’s” composed by the same.
Track 9 - “Paddy Fahy’s”., presumably, by Paddy Fahy.
Track 10 - “John Brosnan’s” by John Brosnan.

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Great album with great tunes. Did anyone get a 16th track on the album “13 seconds of dead air?”

Re: The Boys From The Blue Hill

Does anyone know what kind of whistle is played on this album?

Re: The Boys From The Blue Hill

The CD sleeve notes don’t give any particular details other than “Thanks to OAK penny whistles”.
Tracks# 2 and 8 - the 2 Steve Cooney compositions - are played on “bansari [ wooden whistle ]”.
I do remember from seeing Vinnie Kilduff in Edinburgh soon after this was released that he played “Sean Sa Ceo / The Shepherd’s Daughter” , [ track #7 ] on an F-whistle, which I think was a “Generation”.
Hope this helps.

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