Free Spirit

By Martin Donohoe

  1. Harlings
    Soft Horse
    Robert The Minnow
  2. Inisheer
  3. Francis John’s
  4. Westland
    The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
  5. Come Over The Mountains
  6. Maura O’Keefe’s
    Patsy Maloney’s
  7. Porthole Of The Kelp
    Kate O’Brien’s
  8. Daithi
    Kinnegad Slashers
    John D. McGurk’s
  9. Tamlin
  10. Nollaig’s
  11. Feet Of A Dancer
    I Know My Love

One comment

"Free Spirit" by Martin Donohoe

This recording came out in 1993 from Clo Iar-Chonnachta. Martin is backed up throughout by Phil Cunningham. Phil’s influence on the production is tastefully understated. Whatever happened to Martin? This recording shows he was destined for great things with his nice, light touch on the buttons of the box.