Isles Ne’er Forgotten

By Ivan Drever

  1. The Sea King
  2. Seona Dunsmuir
  3. Hoy’s Dark And Lofty Isle
  4. The Ballad Of Pirate Gow
  5. The Road And The Miles
  6. Jenna Drever
  7. Half Past Ten
  8. The Road Home
  9. Had She Been Aye
  10. Keldabrae
  11. Orkney Anthem
  12. Cooper O’ Castle Yards

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Re: Isles Ne’er Forgotten

Seona Dunsmuir accompanies Ivan Drever (she plays fiddle, guitar and piano) and is also Orcadian. Ian Cooper contributed to "The Sea King", "Hoy’s Dark and Lofty Isle", "The Road and The Miles", "Had She Been Aye" and "Orkney Anthem" on guitar and keyboard. Other artists : Colin Pirie (violin) and Dick Clarke (guitar)

This cd is a limited edition (2017) to mark 25 years after "Isles Ne’er Forgotten" first came out.

Cd produced by Ivan Drever and Owen Tierney (Attic Records).

Re: Isles Ne’er Forgotten

Ivan Drever wrote the tune for "Orkney Anthem" setting an Orkney poem. A lovely tune.

Re: Isles Ne’er Forgotten

This is a beautiful cd - and if you look at Ivan Drever’s website, he might still have a spare copy. That’s how I got my 25th aniv. "Isles Ne’er Forgotten".

"Had She Been Aye" is a very old, sad lovesong - posted the tune on thesession… (sk). Ivan sings it v well, along with the late Ian Cooper - guitar.