The First Caul

By Seelyhoo

  1. Miss Sarah MacFadyen
    Farewell To Rock O’ Cleary
  2. Mick’s Knitted Triplets
    Brumely Brae
    Jenny’s Chickens
  3. Air Sgiathan Na h-Oidhche
  4. The First Leg
    The Last Leg
  5. Mhurchaidh Bhig A Chinn A Chonnais
  6. Sometimes It Doesn’t Work
    The Lucky Cap
    The Potato Tree
  7. Hoy’s Dark And Lofty Isle
  8. Superwasp
    Along The Coast Of Norway
  9. Sean McGuire
    Bear Island
  10. Chuin A Chi Mi Thusa Luaidh
  11. The Stronsay Weaver
    Trip To California
  12. Dh’iomain Mam Bo
  13. The Lost Job
    The Old Copperplate
    The Diesel Accordion
  14. The Walk
    Miss Lyall’s
  15. The Fly To Rousay
    Porto The Rat
    Dale’s Place

One comment

Re: The First Caul

This is the debut album of Scottish band Seelyhoo from 1995 which was released by Greentrax Recordings.
Band members were:
Jennifer Wrigley - fiddle
Sandy Brechin - accordion & vocals
Fiona Mackenzie - vocals & whistle
Hazel Wrigley - guitar & keyboard
Aaron Jones - bass guitar, bouzouki & vocals
Jim Walker - percussion & drums