By Pierre Schryer Band

  1. Sligo Maid
    Knotted Chord
    High Road To Linton
  2. Cat Fish
    Blind River Breakdown
    Heather Bonn
  3. The Apprentice
    The Millwright’s Daughter
  4. Peter Amberly
  5. Highway 1
    The Klazek Way
  6. Slipping Away
    Restless Child
  7. If Ever You Were Mine
  8. Martin Wynne’s No.1
    Sam Cormier Reel
    Humours Of Westport
    Silver Spear
  9. Berber Set
  10. Da Slockit Light
    Aandowin’ At Da Bow
    Da Forefit O’ Da Ship
  11. Coming Home
  12. Lady Be Good
    Walker Street
  13. Red Carpet