Stranger at the Gate

By Gabriele Caporuscio

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Gabriele Caporuscio, a multi-instrumentalist from Rome, Italy, has been active for many years in the Irish music scene in his country an abroad, visiting and connecting to Ireland, to its music and its people, multiple times and in many different ways. He’s played and shared music in various different occasions in places such as Dublin, Ennis, Feakle, Belfast and Cork.
The album which was recorded during the first Italian lockdown of April/May 2020 is the result of the last ten years of hard work building his repertoire in both instrumental tunes and songs. Stringed instruments such as banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar and also fiddle are prominent, but there is also space for singing and other instruments such as accordion, uilleann pipes, viola, whistles and flute played by various Italian and Irish guests all through the album.

Released December 10, 2020

Gabriele Caporuscio - Banjo, Irish and Greek bouzouki, mandolin, bass mandola (track 15), guitar, tenor guitar (track 12), fiddle (tracks 4, 5 and 6), voice, organ drone (track 9)
Emanuele Sassetti - Flute (track 6), whistles (tracks 2 and 12) and bodhran (track 6)
Laura Torterolo - Voice (tracks 5 and 7)
Christy Leahy - Button accordion (tracks 7 and 8) and melodeon (track 8)
Marco Fabbri - Fiddle (tracks 10 and 11), viola (track 10)
Dario Gisotti - Uilleann pipes (track 11) and whistles (track 14)
Maurizio Di Giacomo - Guitar (track 15)