The Tap Room Trio

By Harry Bradley, Jessie Smith, John Blake

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
    The Ballina Lass
  2. Doodley Doodley Dank
    James Byrne’s
  3. The Tap Room
    The Sligo Maid
    The Pullet
  4. The Killarney Wonder
    Music At The Gate
  5. The Sailor On The Rock
    The Lilting Fisherman
  6. The College Groves
  7. 10,000 Farewells
    Sean Ryan’s
    Rory O’Moore
  8. The Ladies Of Leinster
    The Flags Of Dublin
    Donal A’ Phumpa
  9. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Glenconwell
  10. The Contradiction
    The Monasteryedan Fancy
  11. The Sweet Flowers Of Milltown
  12. Maude Miller
    The Queen Of May
    The Carracastle
  13. My Aunt Jane
    No Name
  14. Mickey The Mauler
    Over The Hills
    The Trip To Sligo

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Tap Room Trio

Harry Bradley, Jessie Smith & John Blake gave us an album we can all be proud of. This album has it all, great settings, great playing & it just sounds like they had a ball recording it. The Killarney Wonder is a tune I’ve heard a 1000 times but they give a a new life. They have a touching setting of The sailor on the rock & dug up a great seeting of Sligo Maid that sent me running to see if they gave Danny O’Donnell his due (they did). If you buy only one album this year you won’t be bad off if it’s this one, it’s an instant classic.

The Tap Room Trio

I thought Mick O’Brien and Caoimh

Tap Room Trio, track 3: The Pullet

Anyone have a different name for the tune rendered by the Tap Room Trio and listed on the sleeve as "the Pullet"?

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Tap Room Trio

Marvellous stuff. A lovely style altogether. Great selection of tunes. I’m a big fan of Harry’s solo albums and this trio showcases his great ability to play with other musicians and really add to a duet or trio.

The Pullet on track 3 is the tune which links from the recordings section. I’ve only ever heard it called The Pullet. Though it is similar in a few bars to another tune called Brendan McMahon’s or Coffey’s Reel, found here: