Ceòl Na Beinne/Music of the Mountain

By Iain MacHarg

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Re: Ceòl Na Beinne/Music of the Mountain

Iain MacHarg’s ‘Ceòl Na Beinne’ (Gaelic for ’Music of the Mountain’) showcases the thriving Celtic music scene in the Green Mountain State that MacHarg has significantly contributed to over the years, from founding and leading Catamount Pipe Band to leading the Celtic rock band Prydein for over two decades. This album, however, highlights MacHarg’s deep musicality as a folk musician, as he switches between smallpipes, highland pipes, and whistles with a cast of other Vermont-based musicians like Dan Houghton and Anthony Santoro. Tracks like “The Mill” and “Lark in The Morning” bring the listener into MacHarg’s kitchen to capture his thesis that Scottish music is best played with friends and family around and smiles on everyone’s faces. Other tracks such as “Hanter Dro” and “The Jolly Beggar” explore MacHarg’s roots as the son of distinguished pipemaker Michael MacHarg and a repertoire influenced by cultural ties to Scotland, Brittany, and Cape Breton. ‘Ceòl Na Beinne’ is a masterpiece of contemporary American Celtic music from one of our finest pipers and pipe teachers.