Up And Away

By Paul Smyth

Three comments

A nice find

Wondering around in Dusty Strings in Seattle, I found a few things I hadn’t heard before (an understatement, if you’ve never been in there) including a new variety of harmonica, a beautiful Goodall triple-ought, and a few CDs. This is one of the winners. Smyth is a flute player, cousin of Sean Smyth, with a good tone and good taste in his playing. Nothing very flashy here, no Swedish mystery tunes or exotic percussion, which is a nice change these days. Just a good collection of tunes at a nice easy pace.

Ged Foley plays guitar and produced the record, and plays fiddle on a couple of tracks.

I’ve been listening to this recording for a year and never grown sick of it. While Smyth’s non-pretentious, old-fashioned flute playing is very attractive on its own, guest musicians provide a great support on each track.

I found out the “correct” titles of some of the tunes on the recording.

Track 1
Paddy Carty’s: Cornelius Curtin’s Big Balloon

Track 3
Dermot Grogan’s: The Musical Tour of Ireland
(Thanks Kenny)

Track 9
James Byrne’s: The Humours of Tullyknockbrine

Track 10
Hammy Hamilton’s: Kerfunten/ The Woodcock

Track 12
The Galway Rambler: The Castlebar Races

hi all
Where an i purchase paul symth’s album ‘up and away’