Sailing for Pictou

By Caerketton

  1. Return To Milltown
    The Humours Of Tulla
    The Windmill
    The Fourth Floor
  2. Dancing Bear
  3. Star Of The County Down
  4. The Miller’s
    The Dawn
    John McNeil
  5. Mr Dolph Morris
  6. Teetotaller’s
    Gravel Walk
  7. The Reids’ Golden Wedding
    The Montgomery Bell
  8. The Road To Cameonesevoir
    Alasdair’s Rhino-saurus
    Skitin’ Doon The Sunnyside
  9. Waltz Of The Little Girls
  10. Rowan’s Trip To Oxford
  11. Broken Wind
    The Jig Of Mass Destruction
    The Misses Robinson Of Radernie
  12. Old French
    Galope De La Malbaie
  13. Sailing For Pictou
  14. Sandy’s New Chanter
    Drunk On Adrenaline