By Hugh Healy

  1. The Blue Angel
    Miss O’Sullivan’s
  2. The Sword In The Hand
    The Widow’s Daughter
  3. Plantxy Fitzgerald
  4. The Moving Cloud
    Matt Peoples
  5. The Pipe On The Hob
    The Spotted Dog
    The Tar Road To Sligo
  6. The Green Hills Of Clare
  7. Crowley’s
    The Limestone Rock
  8. Mischief Anneal
  9. The Fairhaired Boy
    A Fair Wind
    The Ash Plant
  10. McGivney’s Fancy
    The Birds
    The Mathematician
  11. Jennie Pippin
    Miss Thornton’s
    The Ships Are Sailing
  12. Round The House And Mind The Dresser
    John Watt Henry’s
    The Rose In The Garden

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Re: Ceolaire

An outstanding album of traditional Clare concertina tunes. Hugh’s skill on the concertina is twinned with some excellent accompanyment on a cd which is authentic and not over produced. Great listening which makes me want to pick up my own concertina and learn these tunes. Would highly recommend !

Re: Ceolaire

I think it’s worth pointing out that this is not a ‘solo’ recording. Hugh is joined by a number of other musicians on the album (eleven, I think). I appreciate that the poster’s first language may not be English.

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Re: Ceolaire

It’s true that this is not a solo album in the sense of unaccompanied, but the concertina is very much front and center, with the other musicians taking a backing role. It’s quite wonderful. As far as I know, Hugh Healy’s first album with his brother Colm, Macalla na hÓige, is only available in digital format from Custy’s. His album with Blackie O’Connell (and a lot of other musicians) entitled We Were Drinking and Kissing the Ladies is on Bandcamp, also in digital format.