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Re: Ceolaire

An outstanding album of traditional Clare concertina tunes. Hugh’s skill on the concertina is twinned with some excellent accompanyment on a cd which is authentic and not over produced. Great listening which makes me want to pick up my own concertina and learn these tunes. Would highly recommend !

Re: Ceolaire

I think it’s worth pointing out that this is not a ‘solo’ recording. Hugh is joined by a number of other musicians on the album (eleven, I think). I appreciate that the poster’s first language may not be English.

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Re: Ceolaire

It’s true that this is not a solo album in the sense of unaccompanied, but the concertina is very much front and center, with the other musicians taking a backing role. It’s quite wonderful. As far as I know, Hugh Healy’s first album with his brother Colm, Macalla na hÓige, is only available in digital format from Custy’s. His album with Blackie O’Connell (and a lot of other musicians) entitled We Were Drinking and Kissing the Ladies is on Bandcamp, also in digital format.