Farewell To Ireland CD 1 (of A Box Set Of 4)

By Various Artists

  1. I’m Leaving Tipperary
  2. Farewell To Ireland
  3. The Moving Bogs
    Miss Thornton
  4. Arrah, Come In Out Of The Rain Barney McShane
  5. The Banks Of Newfoundland
  6. The Dunmore Lassies
    The Manchester
    The Castlebar Traveller
  7. A Drink In The Morning
  8. George White’s Favourite
    The Lass Of Carracastle
  9. The Job Of Journeywork
  10. The Steampacket
    The Morning Star
    Miss McLeod’s
  11. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
  12. The Rakes Of Clonmel
  13. Miller’s
    Duffy The Dancer
  14. The Beggarman
  15. The Boys Of Bluehill
    The Stack Of Wheat
  16. Back In The Garden
    The Flowers Of The Red Mill
  17. Dowd’s Favourite
  18. Johnny Will You Marry Me?
  19. Rickett’s
    The Stack Of Barley
  20. Nano’s Favourite

Three comments

Compiled by Ron Kavana - 4 CDs and 80 tracks from the 20s and 30s … essential listening. Proper Records PROPERBOX3

On this CD the artists are as follows:

1.Pat White
2.James Morrison
3.The Flanagan Brothers
4.James J. Mullan
5.Peter “PJ” Conlon
6.Tom Morrison
7.Packie Dolan
8.Paddy Sweeney
9.Michael Coleman
10.Patsy Tuohey
11.John McGettigan
12.Frank Murphy
13.Neil Nolan
14.The Flanagan Brothers
15.Pat Roche’s Harp And Shamrock Orchestra
16.John McKenna
17.Hugh Gillespie
18.Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
19.Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
20.Dan Sullivan

“Farewell to Ireland”


~ comments with regards to the boxed set of 4 CDs:

"If you like old-fashioned (ie. pre-war) Irish music, or want to know what the music was like when it was danceable, in the days before reels were played at break-neck speed, then this may well be for you.

A useful booklet by Ron Kavana completes the set, containing biographical notes on the performers, and a potted history of the Irish recording scene in the USA before the Depression. "

~ Bernie Cherry - 6.7.99

Farewell to Ireland

I just picked up this little gem for 8 pounds at a charity shop in London over the New Year holiday.
I would agree, generally, with Mr Cherry´s review although, with reference to his comment about “ …in the days before reels were played at break-neck speed”, some of the tunes on these recordings were played at supersonic speeds. You´d have to be pretty nifty to dance to them !
There´s great music in this collection in spite of some machine gun bodhrán playing and the “Michael Coleman´s Piano Player” school of accompaniment.