The Dubliners with Luke Kelly

By The Dubliners

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  1. The Wild Rover
  2. The Ragman’s Ball
  3. Preab San Ol
  4. The High Reel
    Sporting Nell
    The Boyne Hunt
  5. The Holy Ground
  6. Tramps And Hawkers
  7. Home Boys Home
  8. Rocky Road To Dublin
  9. Banks Of The Roses
  10. I’ll Tell My Ma
  11. Swallow’s Tail
    The High
  12. Love Is Pleasing
  13. Jar Of Porter
  14. The Nightingale
  15. Rare Old Mountain Dew
  16. McAlpine’s Fusiliers Behan
  17. Willie Gannon
  18. Mrs McGrath
  19. I Wish (Till Apples Grow On An Ivy Tree)
  20. Roddy McCorley
  21. Chief O Neill’s
  22. Instrumental
    Maids Of Castlebar
  23. The Wild Rover (alt. Take)
  24. The Wild Rover (alt. Take)

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Re: The Dubliners with Luke Kelly (Castle Music, 2003)

A very nice 2003 reissue of The Dubliners self-titled first album (1964, Transatlantic) with 10 bonus tracks (track 15-19 are from "The Dubliners In Person EP", and 20-24 are unreleased tracks (tracks 21-22 are the most interesting because these are instrumentals not showing up anywhere else).
The original album was recorded live in 1963 at the Livingstone Studios, before an invited audience.

Track#4 is not "The High Reel", but two different tunes:

Thanks to Paul Magnussen (via The Dubliners Discography website of Douglas Clark - not sure if it is so easy to find on Google anymore), and his own website , although I took some liberties here linking the first tune in "The High Reel" medley to "Sporting Nell", as some of the settings here sounds very similar to what Barney McKenna recorded, even if I recommend anyone to see Paul Magnussen’s own transcription, which corresponds much more to what is played here). Whether McKenna’s tune should be named Sporting Nell, is not for me to say, but it seems he was never again recorded playing this tune or medley, even if he probably played it live more than once in the 1960s.

I think I saw the Sporting Nell title first mentioned in a comment to a Youtube video of this medley. I also read a fairly "recent" comment in another thread here, which I can’t find now, referring to this title.

The correct High Reel appears as the 2nd tune in the Swallow’s Tail Reel medley, but it seems it is played in a more major setting here, or if it is the guitar that creates this illusion(?)

Also thanks to Alan Ng for identifying track#22 the "Instrumental" as "The Maids Of Castlebar".

I have added the track titles as they appear on the CD, which more or less copied how those were printed on the original releases so for example a correct title would be: "McAlpine’s Fusiliers (Behan)" instead of the above. Dominic Behan wrote the lyrics, but the music was traditional(?) I believe.

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