The Portland Bow

By Aidan Connolly

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Whigs Of Fyfe
    Sailor On The Rock
    Trip To Durrow
  2. Maureen’s Fancy
    Janet Beaton’s
  3. The Hermit From Killarney
    Bridgie Con Matt’s
    Last Chance
  4. El Guijar
  5. Peggy’s Mountain
    Hunting Sally
    Paddy Cronin’s
  6. Mazurca De Queiles
    Do Velho
  7. Trip To Sligo
    Wee Pickle Tow
    9th Of July
  8. In Memory Of Herbie McCleod
  9. Over The Hills And Far Away
    Johnny Mick Dinny’s
    The Weaver’s
  10. Leila, For Paddy Jones
  11. Holly Bush
    Pepin Arsenault
    O’Connor’s Jenny Borlin
  12. Offaly Favourite

Two comments

Re: The Portland Bow

"The long awaited debut solo album by Dublin fiddler Aidan Connolly."

I’m confused. Is this a different Aidan Connolly than the one that released "Be Off" on the same label?
Anyway, I caught this video on YT recently & was very impressed. I’ll be picking this up. Raelach’s been putting out great, exciting stuff.