Farewell To Ireland CD 2 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

By Various Artists

  1. The Night Pat Murphy Died
  2. Bridie Morley’s
    The Hunter’s Purse
  3. Ginger’s Favourite
    The Bogs Of Allen
  4. Let Mister Maguire Sit Down
  5. The Tailor’s Twist
    The Flowers Of Spring
  6. Maggie Pickens
    Cameron’s Wife
  7. The College Grove
    The Floggin’
  8. Erin’s Green Shore
  9. Mrs Kenny’s
  10. The Blackhaired Lass
    The Dublin
  11. Molly Durkin
  12. The Jolly Tinker
    The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
  13. Versevanna
  14. The Green Groves Of Erin
    The Ivy Leaf
  15. Martha, The Flower Of Sweet Strabane
  16. The Rambling Pitchfork
  17. Paddy In London
  18. Sweet Flower Of Milltown
    The Boys From Knock
  19. The Wicklow Mountains High
  20. Kilkenny For Me
    The Boys Of Ireland

Two comments

Compiled by Ron Kavana - 4 CDs and 80 tracks from the 20s and 30s … essential listening. Proper Records PROPERBOX3

On this CD the artists are as follows:

1.The Flanagan Brothers
2.Eddie Meehan and John McKenna
3.Michael J. Cashin
4.Dinny “Jimmy” Doyle
5.James Morrison
6.The Four Provinces Orchestra
7.PJ Conlon
8.Packie Dolan
9.Michael Coleman
10.Packie Dolan and Michael Coleman
11.Murty Rabbett
12.Paddy Killoran
13.Hugh Gillespie
14.William J Mullally
15.John McGettigan
16.Edward Mullaney and Patrick Stack
17.The Flanagan Brothers
18.Tom Morrison and John Reynolds
19.Frank Quinn
20.Martin Beirne and His Irish Blackbirds