Treasure of My Heart

By Various Artists

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  1. Munster Buttermilk
  2. Johnny, Will You Marry Me?
  3. Farewell To Ireland
  4. Paddy In London
  5. Me Husband’s Flannel Shirt
  6. Dowd’s Favourite
  7. Tippin’ It Up To Nancy
  8. Bruach Na Carraige Ban
    Stór Mo Chroí
  9. The Bunch Of Keys
    Buckley’s Fancy
  10. My Father’s A Hedger And Ditcher
  11. Muckross Abbey
  12. The Turfman From Ardee
  13. The Choice Wife
  14. Cúnla
  15. Will You Go, Lassie, Go?
  16. Roaring Mary
    Stormy Weather
  17. Off To California
  18. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  19. Rakish Paddy
  20. The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee
  21. The New Demesne
  22. Micho Russell’s
    Trip To Birmingham
  23. He Rolled Her To The Wall
  24. The Silver Spear
    The Flax In Bloom
  25. Murphy’s
    Going To The Well For Water
  26. The Eclipse
    The Tailor’s Twist
  27. Willie Clarke’s
    Green Grow The Rushes-O
  28. Micho Russell’s
    Sporting Nell

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Re: Treasure of My Heart

This sampler album from 1993 was the forerunner of Globestyle’s eight albums of songs and tunes from the Topic label and offered a more than sumptuous taste of the delights to come.

1. William Andrews
2. Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
3. James Morrison
4. The Flanagan Brothers
5. John McGettigan
6. Hugh Gillespie
7. John ‘Jacko’ Reilly
8. Willie Clancy
9. Leo Rowsome
10. Mary Ann Carolan
11. Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford
12. Margaret Barry
13. Willie Clancy
14. Joe Heaney
15. The McPeake Family
16. John Doherty
17. Micho and Gussie Russell
18. Sarah Makem
19. Felix Doran
20. Paddy Tunney
21. Séamus Ennis
22. Josie McDermott
23. Frank Harte
24. Paddy Glackin
25. Jackie Daly
26. Boys of the Lough
27. Joe Holmes and Len Graham
28. Four Men and a Dog

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