The Inventor

By Norman Mackay

  1. The Inventor
  2. Missy Of The Mhor
  3. Waiter’s Waltz For Ali
  4. Mackenzie Cottage
  5. Carly’s Trip To Ecclefechan
  6. Ian Mackay
  7. Waltz In Em
  8. Lord Anselm
    Disco’s Inferno
  9. The Coach House
  10. Monachil
  11. Gellatly’s
  12. The Inventor

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Re: The Inventor

Released on 11/18/2019

"An album of new compositional works by Norman Mackay. Featuring an eclectic lineup of Scotland’s leading musicians, the album merges Scottish and European influences, crossing both boundary and genre."

1) A composition about an invention, written for Alison Grieve
2) For Sarah Caird
3) For the waiters, and their waltz for Ali
4) For my parents, Ian & Joan Mackay
5) For my good friend, Carly Blain
6) A composition in memory of my Father
7) A waltz for Emma Pethybridge (Em) in E minor (Em)
8) for Lord Anselm Fraser & written a few years ago for the legendary James Veal aka ‘Disco James’
9) For Larry, Emma and Lorcan
10) For Shaun & Csilla, and the village of Monachil in the south of Spain
11) Composed for the occasion of my sister’s wedding
12) Performed on The Woodeye Piano

Norman Mackay: Accordion
Greg Lawson: Violin
Feargus Heatherington: Violin & Viola
Jani Lang: Violin
David Laing: Violin
Daniel Paterson: Violin
Megan Henderson: Violin/Fiddle
Kristan Harvey: Violin/Fiddle
Su-a Lee: Cello
Phil Alexander: Piano & Piano accordion
Adam Bulley: Guitar & Mandolin
Jack Badcock: Guitar & Banjo
Cameron Jay: Trumpet
Toby Shippey: Trumpet & Percussion
Paul Godfray: Fiddle
Claire Campbell: Fiddle
Duncan Lyall: Double Bass
Calum Mcintyre: Percussion
Lorne MacDougall: Bagpipes
The Edinburgh Singers Choir - Conducted by Alistair Digges

All music composed, written, arranged and produced by Norman Mackay
Gellatly’s March - co. arranged with Feargus Heatherington
& each musician added their own interpretations.

Recorded by:
Angus Lyon at Gran’s House
Garry Boyle at The Slateroom

Additional recording by:
Jamie Ross, Duncan Lyall & Richard Werner

Mixed By Garry Boyle at Slateroom
Mastered By Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound