Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

By Various Artists

  1. Rare Old Irish Whiskey
  2. Fisher’s
    The Cliff
  3. Maggie In The Woods
    The Spanish Ladies
    The Rose Tree
  4. Lovely Molly
  5. Royal Charley
  6. The Leitrim Thrush
    The Fermoy Lasses
  7. McDermott’s
    Memories Of Sligo
  8. Myself And Martin Tracy
  9. The Real Old Mountain Dew
  10. Tom Clarke’s Fancy
    The Boys Of The Lough
  11. The Bank Of Ireland
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  12. Martin Wynne’s
    Craig’s Pipes
  13. The Black Rogue
    Saddle The Pony
  14. It’s The Same Old Shillelagh
  15. The Maid On The Green
    A Drink Of Water
  16. Colonel Frazier
  17. The Humours Of Mullingar
    Jackson’s Wife To The Road
  18. Paddy McGinty’s Goat
  19. The Cherry Blossom
  20. Twelve Stone Two

Three comments

Compiled by Ron Kavana - 4 CDs and 80 tracks from the 20s and 30s … essential listening. Proper Records PROPERBOX3

On this CD the artists are as follows:

1,2,3,4John McGettigan & His Irish Minstrels
5.Packie Dolan
6.The Flanagan Brothers
7.Paddy Killoran
8,9 John Griffin
10.Ed Reavey
11,12Maurice McSweeney’s Stars Of Munster
13.James Morrison and Tom Ennis
14.Pat White
15.Patsy Tuohey
16.John McKenna
17.William Mullaly
18,19,20 Frank Quinn

Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

Track 10: the tunes are actually the opposite way round from the track listing