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  1. The Cockle Gatherer
  2. The Windhorse
  3. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  4. March For The Grounded Traveller
    Trip To The Fridge
  5. Lassie, Lie Near Me
  6. Gan Ainm
    Paddy Keenan’s
    The New Leaf
  7. True Thomas
  8. The Pretty Girl Milking The Cow
  9. Jaboozy
  10. The False Lover Won Back
  11. Milky Way
    Boys Of Chicago
    Not Tuscany
  12. The Spell Of Winter

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Grounded (2021)

Gudrun Walther: vocals, fiddle, viola, diatonic accordion
Kim Edgar: vocals, grand piano
Hendrik Morgenbrodt: uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles
Jürgen Treyz: guitars, dobro, tenor resonator guitar, banjo, bass, vocals

with guests
Aimée Farrell Courtney: bodhrán
Tad Sargent: bodhrán
Henrik Mumm: cello

Originally scheduled for release as "The Spell of Winter" in December 2020, but lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a delay and a change of title. Combination of beautifully arranged traditional and original tunes and songs.

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