The Scrape

By Mouth Music

  1. Polska
  2. Scalloway Lasses
    Shetland #3
  3. Two Birds
    The Scrape
  4. Trip To Ballyshannon
    Exiles Of Erin
    Sean Sa Cheo
  5. The Marquis Of Huntly’s
    The Ewie Wi’ The Crooked Horn
  6. The Derry
    The Maid From Castlebar
    The Silver Spear
  7. Bombay Blue
    You Splotch-Faced Ram And Horo
    My Logshed Keeps
  8. Rakes Of Kildare
    The Witches Of East Nigg
    The Haunting Of Harrow
    The Even Scarier Witches Of East Nigg
  9. Iarla Air
    The Road To Tipperary