Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

By Various Artists

  1. From Galway To Dublin
  2. The Stack Of Oats
    The Shannon Waves
  3. Farrell O’Gara
    The Silver Spire
  4. Rodney’s Glory
  5. Tommy Murphy Was A Soldier
  6. The Irish
  7. The Chicago
  8. The Tan Yard Side
  9. The Night Cap
    The Mysteries Of Knock
  10. The Morning Dew
    The Traveller’s
    Shark’s Favourite
  11. Me Husband’s Flannel Shirt
  12. The Grove
  13. The Stack Of Barley
    Bantry Bay
  14. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  15. Tickling Mary Jane
  16. The Tap Room
    The Moving Bogs
  17. The Kildare Fancy
    The Stack Of Wheat
  18. My Irish Molly-O
  19. Scotch Mary
  20. Irish Delight
    Tura Lura Lura (That’s An Irish Lullaby)

Eleven comments

I’ll add some comments re the players/singers in due course.

The players/singers on this CD are

1.Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
2.Erin’s Pride Orchestra
3.Paddy Sweeney & Paddy Killoran
4.Michael & Connie Hanafin
5.Dinny “Jimmy” Doyle
6.Hugh Gillespie
7.Edward Mullaney & Patrick Stack
8.Frank Quinn
9.Michael Gafney
10.Eleanor Kane
11.John McGettigan & His Irish Minstrels
12.Packie Dolan
13.Packie Dolan & Michael Coleman
14.Michael Coleman
15.Murty Rabbett & His Gaelic Band
16.PJ Conlon
17.Tom Ennis
18.The Flanagan Brothers
19.Joe Flanagan
20.The Flanagan Brothers

Question about Farewell to Ireland CD

Hi. I’m thinking of buying these CD’s but I’m wondering what photos of musicians are in them? If anyone has these CD’s and could tell me what musicians have pictures in the liner notes I would be so thankful.

Photos of Musicians

The booklet has photos of:
Captain Francis J. O’Neill
Michael Coleman
Flanagan Brothers
Hugh Gillespie
Michael and Connie Hanafin
Paddy Killoran
John McGettigan and his Irish Minstrels
Maurice McSweeny
Tom Morrison
Frank Quinn
Patsy Touhey
Tom Ennis

The photos are old, black & white and small. The booklet fits in the CD case so it is quite small. Nice collection and the quality is quite good considering when the tunes were recorded.

Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

… Maurice McSweeney did not exist!

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Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

@Gonzo, you’ll excuse me if I’m a bit confused by that statement…

Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

The general consensus - never proven, as far as I know - was that Ron Kavana, who made the compilation, slipped in a couple of session tracks as a joke. and gave them the name “Maurice McSweeney’s All Stars”, or such. I don’t have the sleeve notes, nor the booklet, but I don’t recall any photo of “Maurice McSweeney” in it.

Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

Good man. “Gonzo” - I had forgotten about that, but the accompanying text should answer Daniel’s question.

Re: Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4)

Thanks much to the both of you. McSweeny’s tracks also appear on “Scotch Mary”, which I have, and they did seem a little too modern (the sound quality as well as the tune settings), but I never made that connection. It’s not necessarily a conclusion I would simply have jumped to even if I thought there was something a little strange.

Anyway, that was a very entertaining read. Thanks for the link, Gonzo.