Duan Albanach

By William Jackson

  1. Joseph On The Golden Strand
  2. Shining Bright
    Lady Margaret
  3. An Honourable Peace
    The Drip
  4. Blue Ribbon
    Lady Dolly Primrose’s Minuet
  5. Mons Graupius
  6. Dalriada
  7. Dunnichen
  8. The Bannock Burn
  9. Lia Fail (The Stone Of Destiny)

Two comments

Duan Albanach

This is William Jackson’s latest release, and one of his best compositions. It just came out this past December. I heard this symphonic poem when it made its radio premier Dec. 2002, and am so pleased that Mr. Jackson has finally been able to release it on CD. It features a great line up of players including William Jackson, Alasdair Fraser, Iain MacDonald, Mae Mackenzie, Jerry O’Sullivan, Joseph Sobol, Paul Jennings, and John Kenny (playing the carnyx). I highly recommed this album. It is available from William Jackson directly from Mill Records.

Re: Duan Albanach

Nice album. I particularly enjoy the Blue Ribbon/Lady Dolly Primrose’s Minuet set.