Be Here For A While

By Shane Cook & The Woodchippers

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  1. Cathy’s Corner
    We Danced All Night
    The Little Contortionist
  2. Kyle’s Fiddle
  3. Charlie’s Bounce
    Captain Keelor
    Nina And Greg’s
  4. Shirley Ann
  5. Close Friends
  6. Old Dangerfield
  7. Crossing The Avon
    The Silversmith
  8. Journey With Me
  9. Ginley’s Favourite
    Meander Creek
    Sarah Dancing
  10. Water
    Smith’s Memorial
  11. The Cottonwoods
    Carpet Filtered Coffee
    Fish And Tatties
    The Cow Path
  12. Born Of A Summer’s Day

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Be Here For A While (2021)

Shane Cook & The Woodchippers rely on their deep foundation in the traditional music, song and dance of Ontario for the core of their sound, yet also draw on styles as broad as folk, Celtic, roots, country and jazz. Their superbly crafted compositions and arrangements are a modern, exhilarating approach to fiddle tunes, song and dance.

Joining Shane as a four-member group of multi-instrumentalists, singers and step dancers, The Woodchippers are: Emily Flack on piano, vocals and dance, Joe Phillips on double bass and guitar, and Kyle Waymouth on guitar and dance. A Canadian and U.S. National fiddle champion, Shane Cook is a multi-instrumentalist who has distinguished himself as a master of the Canadian old-time fiddle tradition.

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Re: Be Here For A While

Great album!!

Re: Be Here For A While

The tune Captain Keeler (3rd track) exists here: In the first setting, Shane plays the G minor bars in G major - which I love!
Not sure which is the correct spelling (Keelor or Keeler).