Knucklehead Circus

By Old Blind Dogs

  1. Knucklehead Circus
  2. John Barleycorn
  3. The Thin Man
    Hommage à Edmond Parizeau
  4. Farewell Tae The Haven
  5. Stajerien Chapel Nevez
    Ridée Pour Jean-Michel Veillon
  6. Here We Go Again
  7. Earl Of Jura
  8. Wild Mountainside
    At Home
  9. Tom Banks 72nd
    Gus Sicard’s
    Carrying The Fire
  10. Harry Brewer
  11. Highland Lassie Going To The Fair
  12. Nigel Richard Of Pathhead
    Lupin Drive

Two comments

Re: Knucklehead Circus

Looks like this one just came out today! I had no idea that they we making a new album!
The musicians are Ali Hutton, Aaron Jones, Jonny Hardie and Donald Hay.

Re: Knucklehead Circus

I really like the Old Blind Dogs, but I don’t feel this is my favorite album because there are fewer Scottish traditional tunes than usual. That said, track 3B is fun!