An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach

By Seamus McGuire with Steve Cooney

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  1. The Dreamer’s Reel
  2. The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses
  3. I Was Born For Sport
    The Boys Of Coomanore
  4. Madame Maxwell
  5. Peggy’s Dream
  6. The Crabs In The Skillet
  7. An Buachaill Dreoite
  8. Paddy Fahey’s No. 18
    Paddy Fahey’s No. 8
  9. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
  10. Planxty Stackallan
  11. The Purple Heather
  12. Lad O’Beirne’s
  13. An Londubh Is An Chéirseach

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Re: An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach

It was a great pleasure to work on this project during the past year (2021), much of it during the long Covid lockdown. It involved taking a closer look at the viola and its possible place in traditional Irish music performance. Although the fiddle is my first instrument, I’ve been drawn for a long time to the deeper tones of the viola. My aim was to try to find which type of tunes might suit the response and range of the viola. The album has a broad range of styles and tempos, complemented by Steve’s incomparable guitar-playing and Billy Robinson’s sound engineering. My thanks to them both, to the Arts Council for their support, and to all the musicians and singers who inspired us along the way…buíochas ó chroí.

Re: An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach

It’s a beautiful instrument; I’ve been playing it over 60 years (classically trained) and have recently come into Shetland music. I feel that the deeper tones of a viola (often used for elegies in classic mode) are well suited to similar Gaelic pieces so thanks to Seamus and the others.