Island Treasure Vol. 1

By Sandy MacIntyre

  1. John MacFadyen Of Melfort
    Sandy MacIntyre’s
    Sandy MacIntyre’s
    Gravel Walks
  2. Scotty Fitzgerald’s
    Findlay Walker’s
  3. A. G. Wilken’s Favourite
    Mr Martin’s Compliments To Dr Keith MacDonald
    John Stephen Of Chance Inn
    Mr Alexander Thom
  4. Toronto
  5. The Rose Of Denmark
    Miss Wharton Duff
    Mr R. Cato
  6. Niel Gow’s Style
    Big Alex’s Ace
    Nicole MacIntyre’s
    Kay Girroir
  7. The Shearing Of The Shepherd
    Orville On The Runway
    The Log Birler
  8. Excelsior
    Old Willie Hunter
  9. Mrs Robert Petrie
    Robert Petrie
    Jack Dobson
  10. The Sound Of Mull
    Major Molle
    Miss E. MacLeod
  11. Captain Carswell
    Glen Grant
    Glen Rinnes
    Old King’s

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Re: Island Treasure Vol. 1

Released CD in 1998.
Sandy MacIntyre on fiddle accompanied by Doug MacPhee on Piano, John Allan Cameron on 12-string guitar and Dave MacIsaac on bass and 6-string guitar.

Sandy composed two jigs called Scotty Fitzgerald’s: one in G on this recording and another in A (